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Welcome to our new low rate L2MxC Interlude Server. The server is based on OFFICIAL files, without any customs in order to provide to our players a unique game experience! Join us now and check out our features! We are sure that you will get amazed!

Donation NPC/Subclass Manager/Nobless Manager has been removed.
Class Manager for 1st,2nd,3d class changed to Adena.
3rd class costs 5kk adena frm now.
Posted on 03 Aug 2014 by maxt0r
L2MxC Low rate x5 Server is UP! Dont forget to register again!
Posted on 01 Aug 2014 by maxt0r
Beta is up, you can now start testing. Dont forget to report bugs here:
and any changes or suggestions you want here:
Posted on 26 Jul 2014 by maxt0r
L2MxC will go on open beta. whoever wants to test our features and test server may have the chance to do it. Just download interlude client and our patch and you are ready.
Posted on 25 Jul 2014 by maxt0r
L2MxC is in test mode! Website details, server features and details may change without warning. Also accounts may be deleted without warning...

L2 MxC will run as a low rate x5 server (Interlude) without customs. no ETA yet.
Posted on 06 Jul 2014 by maxt0r
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